Nidec Group Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Charter

With a keen awareness of our responsibilities as a part of society, Nidec Group pursues the common good by offering globally welcomed products and technologies. Nidec’s ultimate objective as a socially responsible business entity is to ensure sustainable growth that generates stable employment. All Nidec directors and employees are required to perform their duties in a sincere and transparent manner with full respect for the spirit of this charter and the importance of corporate social responsibility (CSR).

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Work sincerely and honestly

  • We acknowledge the importance of compliance with the laws, regulations and social requirements of the countries in which we operate, and strive to fulfill our responsibilities based on international standards in a spirit of sincerity and honesty.
  • We strive to achieve fair and transparent disclosure of information through dialogue with stakeholders – including shareholders, customers, business partners and employees – to earn and retain the trust of society.
  • In order to enhance the safety, quality and reliability of our products, we strive to engage in fair business transactions based on transparent and free competition in harmonious cooperation with business partners.

Coexist harmoniously with the environment

  • We recognize that perpetual conservation of the global environment is an issue of common concern for all humanity and we thereby commit ourselves to reduce our environmental burden through environmentally conscious business activities.

Respect human rights

  • We strive to achieve a work environment based on mutual respect for individuality and human rights and free from abusive labor practices, such as forced and child labor.

Ensure occupational safety and hygiene

  • Based on cooperation between our management and employees, we strive to ensure workplace safety and good health to establish a work environment that brings out the best in each individual.

Maintain good relations with society

  • We recognize that sustainable corporate growth can only be achieved on a foundation of good relationships and co-prosperity with society.
  • We respect the cultures and customs of the countries and regions in which we operate, and strive to participate in social contribution activities for the benefit of local communities.