The Future of Gripper Feeds

Nidec Vamco is proud to offer the Quantum SG Series: the world’s first fully programmable high- speed electronic gripper feed. The modular gripper pads of the SG Series evenly exert pressure to eliminate marks or scratches on delicate or plated material. Each axis of the SG Series simulates the motion of cam-driven devices without their fixed limitations. These motions are tightly coordinated with the movement of the press slide through the Press Mounted Resolver and Quantum ACS Controller.

Unlike traditional cam-driven gripper feeds, the feed timing on the SG Series is infinitely variable. Feed angels can be increased to minimize stock material accelerations and loop whip leading to a more stable process at higher production speeds. The SG Series offers full electronic adjustability and requires no dials or mechanical adjustments to change the feed settings. In summary, the Quantum SG Series is a look at the future of gripper feeds.

Product Overview

The Quantum SG Series is the latest revolutionary development in high-speed feeding technology offering full electronic adjustability in a gripper feed. Each axis of the SG Series simulates the motion of a cam driven device but without their fixed limitations.

Advantages over traditional mechanical cam driven devices are:

• Full electronic adjustability

• Variable feed & release timing to press

• Variable feed length capability

• Tool manager & part database

• Electronic camming

• Tightly coordinated multi-axis motion control

• Advanced & remote diagnostic capability

• Sealed recirculating oil lubrication system

• No mechanical cams

• No material thickness adjustment

• No dials to change feed settings

• No mechanical drive linkage to the crankshaft